Rules & Regulations


 I have read all the rules & regulations of the hostel managed by Pravara Rural Engineering College, Loni. I shah pay all fees and mess bills of the Hostel in advance and as prescribed by the authorities. I shall abide by all the existing rules amended from time to time. 

  • I shall pay all fees and mess bills of the Hostel in advance and as prescribed by the authorities.
  • I shall pay the electricity charges by college per month from time to time in prescribed limit.
  • I will pay the maintenance cost of Hostel Mess Rs. 30/- per month along with mess bill.
  • I shall not indulge in any act of indiscipline and misbehaviour which tarnish the fair name of the college.
  • I shall dine in the hostel mess and shall be charged Rs. 100/- per month even if I am required to have other arrangements of my own for messing with Principal permission and on medical ground.
  • I shall not leave the hostel without getting permission from the Rector / the Dean in advance.
  • I shall not indulge in ragging in case, I am found guilty of such an act, I am aware that, I shall be instantly expelled from the hostel and the college.
  • I shall not stay out of the hostel after 9.00 except with prior permission of rector Assistant Rector.
  • I shall not cause any damage to hostel furniture, building etc.
  • If my academic progress is unsatisfactory, I am aware that, I may be denied hostel facilities.
  • I shall not smoke or take intoxicating drinks, drug etc. either in the hostel or outside the hostel during the period of my stay in the college. If found indulging in such evil habits, I am aware that, I shall be expelled from the hostel / college forfeiting all the fees and the deposits.
  • I shall pay due respect to all my teachers and obey all the instructions of the Rector / Asst. Rector.
  • I shall not permit any guest / parents to stay in my room.
  • I shall not keep valuables in my room. Any cash in exceeding Rs. 50/- will be kept in the bank.
  • I shall pay the mess bills within the notified period regularly.
  • I shall hand over complete possession of the room and the property of the hostel issued to me without causing any damage or tampering, as soon as the academic year ends/as notified by the Rector/ Principal.
  • In case, I decide to leave the hostel on my own after taking the admission, I shall be eligible for refund of fees as following rates:
    • a. 50 % fees admission is the first term.
    • b. Nil if cancelled in the second term.
  • In case, I am expelled from the hostel, I am aware that will not be eligible for the refund of either the hostel deposit which stand forfeited in fill.
  • I shall not use possession any electrical expect one table lamp. And that in case, I am found in possession of electric iron, Heater etc. I understand that such appliances as are not allowed to be used will be confiscated.
  • I shall not use possess transistor, radio, tape recorder and such other audio equipment and that in case I am found to be in possession understand that these equipment’s will be confiscated.
  • I shall maintain strict silence after the roll call and shall not make any inter room movements after 9.30 p.m.
  • I shall not use hostel office phone after 9.00 p.m. for personal purposes except in grave emergency, I am aware that all the calls will be charged.
  • I am aware that in case, I intended to change the room once allotted me, I shall be charged Rs. 100/-per change the room.
  • I shall not indulge in shouting quarrels etc., & I shall get the grievances redressed through the help of Asst. Rector / Rector. 

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