B.E. Projects

List of ME projects:

Year SN Title Name of Student
2010-11 1 Anaerobic co-digestion of pharmaceutical and dairy waste with cattle dunk to enhance bio gas production. P.B. Karande
  2 Kinetic studies on sorptive removal of methyl violet by cetyl pyridinium bromide (CPB) modified red clay from Maharashtra I.N. Yadav
  3 Design of distribution network with DMA formation for continuous water supply. V.S. Umate -
  4 Treatment of distillery effluent using sugarcane pith. H.A. Devekar -
  5 Removal of dyes from dye effluent by using sugarcane bagasse ash as an adsorbent S.M. Kanawade
  6 Assessment of ground water quality in and around lonar lake and possible water treatment U.V. Sasane
  7 Aerobic technology for the treatment of industrial waste water. R.D. Bachpalle
  8 Environmental impact assessment N.B. Chavan
  9 Effluent management in molasses based distillery. V.C. Tiwari
  10 Development of low cost biosorption technology to treat heavy metal from AMD. R.V.Hinge
  11 Studies on noise and air quality monitoring at shirdi S.B. Kankal
  12 optimization model for integrated solid waste management by vermicomposting M.S. Nagare
  13 Design of effluent treatment plat of refinery. S.S. Patil
2011-12 1 Deflouridation technique using low cost adsorbent S.C. Natu
  2 Modeling of life cycle assessment of solid waste management system & technologies. S. Dharmadhikari
2012-13 1 Application of reverse osmosis technology for sea water desalination. P.M.Joshi
  2 Distilleries spent wash treatment using co-count shell ash S.C.Dighe
  3 Removal of heavy metal ions by using low cost adsorbent D.C. Poul
  4 Biofiltration of odorous gas emission A.P. Ransing
  5 Minimization of H2S emission by tail gas treatment. D.Patil
  6 Waste water treatment by using hydrodynamic cavitation in pharmaceutical industry. D.R. Pawar
2013-14 1 Environmental technical and economical analysis of decentralized and small scale energy system. M.D. Duraphe
  2 Quantification of process risk & comparision of risk assessment software tools for accidenta; scenario. S.C. Kudale
  3 Electricity Generation through Microbila Fuel Cell Supriya Patil
  4 Dairy Wastewater Treatment using coconut shell Activated Carbon Shital Karale
  5 Degradation of Extremely Polluted Pharamaceutical wastewater by UV/Tio2 M.S.Bhalgat
  6 Wastewater Treatment & Mgmt for Malted Barley Brewery Y V Joshi
  7 Studies uin Removal of CO2 by using MMEA A S Shirsath
  8 Study and Design of Wet Scrubber system Shaikh Gazala
  9 Coagulation for Treatment of Wastewater reuse in Irrigation P S Kale
  10 Comparable study between converted & advance treatment methods for design of sewage treatment plant. P B Khawal
2014-15 1 Treatment of Distillery Wastewater by cavitations P R Gulve
  2 Solid Waste Mgmt of Shrirampur City Rupali Gawade
  3 Study and Design of Membrane Bioreactor Vinod Ahire
  4 Holy Pond Wastewater Treatment by Ozone Kamini Shelke
  5 Refinery Effluent Treatment & Recycle S S Mane
  6 Low Cost Anaerobic Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste Leach ate Pooja Majge
  7 Environmental Noise Modeling Vikas Naik
  8 Production of Bio Ethanol from Molasses P S Shirsath
  9 Environmental Impact assessment of Mining of Coal Bed Methane Mahendra Patil
  10 Techno Edconomic Evaluation of Agricultural Crop Residue as a Energy Source Ganesh Kasar
  11 Treatment Of Phenolic Water Using Watermelon Seeds Malunjkar Santosh A.
  12 Dye Effluent Treatment Of Textile Industry Using Hybrid Sono photo chemical Reactor Mr Varpe Vijaykumar P
  13 Green Audit A Case Study Of Art, Science & commerce College, Manmad Miss Pandit Madhuri B
  14 Separation of Acetone+IPE mixture by distillation process Mr Choure Ankush
  15 Technology for Waste management in Distillery Mr Tiwari Prasanna
  16 Ambient Air Quality Monitoring of Akola City Mr. Shere Pratik
  17 Degradation of Industrial Wastewater By Cavitation Technique Sabane Gitesh Chandrakant
  18 Recycling of Demolished Concrete Kadale Avinash Vaijanath
  19 Production of Bio Ethanol From Molasses Liquor ShirsathPrashant S.
2015-16 1 The Study of Wet Air Oxidation For Nitrogeneous Waste Nirmal Pravin D
  2 Analysis of PVC Rapid Sand Filter Gawade Sambhaji
  3 Cost Saving For Surface Treatment Plant Shelar Prakash Dnyandeo
  4 Briquettes Production Using Oil Contaminated Cotton Waste Ankalgi Dipti Ashok
  5 Carbon dioxide capture, mitigation and biomass generation using Algae Manjiry Gudadhe

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