PEOs & POs

PEO (Program Education Objectives)

  • To prepare globally competent graduates having strong fundamentals, domain knowledge, update with modern technology to provide the effective solutions for engineering problems.
  • To prepare the graduate to work as a committed professional with strong professional ethics and values, sense of responsibilities, understanding the legal, safety, health, societal, cultural and environmental issues.
  • To prepare the committed and motivated graduate with research attitude, lifelong learning, investigative approach, and multidisciplinary thinking.
  • To prepare the graduate with strong managerial and communication skills who can work effectively as individual or in team.


PO (Program Outcomes)

  • P1: Ability to apply Knowledge of problem solving, algorithmic analysis, Mathematical Modeling to computer Engineering
  • P2: Ability to analyze the problem by finding its domain and applying the skill related to domain of the problem in computer Engineering
  • P3: Ability to understand the design issues of the product/software and develop effective solutions
  • P4: Ability to find solutions of complex problem by conduct Investigations by applying suitable techniques.
  • P5: Ability to adapt the usage of modern tools and new releases of the software upcoming in the societies.
  • P6: Ability to Contribute towards the computer society by understanding the impact of Engineering on global aspect.
  • P7: Ability to understand environment issues and design a sustainable system
  • P8: Ability to follow the ethics as computer professional and proceed with legal bindings of the society.
  • P9: Ability to furnish performance effectively at individual level and also in a team.
  • P10: Ability to accomplish effective communication at various levels.
  • P11: Ability to apply the Knowledge of Computer Engineering for development of projects, its finance and management.
  • P12: Ability to keep in touch with current technologies and inculcate the practice of lifelong learning.

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