M.E. Projects

Year: 2015-16 (April/May 2016)

Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Name of the Guide Title of Dissertation
01 Ms. Pund Dipali D. Prof. S. G. Galande Congestion free Toll Collection, Stolen Vehicle Detection and Tracking System for Authorised Person
02 Ms. Barve Supriya S. Prof. S. G. Galande Plant Nutrient Estimation System
03 Ms. Palaskar Kavita K. Prof. S. A. Shaikh Distance Estimation using Multisensor Data Fusion Technique with FPGA
04 Ms. Mhaske Monali S. Prof. S. A. Shaikh Design and Analysis of 6T SRAM Cell using FINFET at Nanometer Regime
05 Ms. Vikhe Ashwini V. Prof. U. V. Patil Real Time Noise Cancellation and Improving Speech Intelligibility of Sensorineural Hearing Impaired by using DSP Processor
06 Ms. Khande Shital R. Prof. U. V. Patil Secure Image Transmission using Secret Fragment Visible Mosaic Image by Color Transform
07 Ms.Smita Ghogare Prof. U. V. Patil “Implementation of Maximum Peak Point Tracker Using P&O and Incremental Conductance Algorithm for SPVM”
08 Mr. Pathade Amit S. Prof. S. M. Turkane Implementation of Ultra Low power and High Performance Mixer for RFIC’s Applications
09 Ms. Ghule Manjusha K. Prof. S. M. Turkane Performance Optimization and Analysis of Source Coupled VCO using CMOS and Post CMOS
10 Mr. Jade Anil P. Prof. S. M. Turkane Performance Analysis and Improvement of Emerging Interconnects for Ultra Low Power Applications using Devices Beyond CMOS
11 Ms. Pachore Nishiganda M. Prof. A. H. Ansari Detection of Signal in Presence of Weekly Correlated Noise Over Fading Channel
12 Ms. Thorat Pallavi K. Prof. A. H. Ansari Implementation of Spectrum Sensing Method for Cognitive Radio Applications by using Simulation
13 Mr. Devagire Sagar D. Prof. Mrs. S. S. Lavhate A CAN Protocol Based Hybrid Communication to Avoid Collision of Vehicles
14 Ms. Sonal V. Dawange Prof. U. V. Patil Use Of Wavelet Based Analysis For Reducing BER And Papr Parameters In OFDM System

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