B.E. Projects

B.E.Civil Project 2016-17

  Topic Guide
1 C-Tech Technology Sewage Treatment Plant Prof.R.K.Lamkhade
2 Use of Copper slag, fly ash and Lime in Concrete Prof.V.R.Rathi
3 Study of effect of accelerated curing, Elevated temperature and humidity on properties of concrete Prof.V.R.Rathi
4 Experimental Study on Effect of Various Types of Admixtures on Properties of Concrete Prof.V.R.Rathi
Mrs. Jamdhade .P.K
5 Low cost W.C Unit by using bamboo reinforcement Prof.Y.N.Dhamak
6 Causes of Landslides Various Case studies Dr.S.D.Doke
7 Study of Geological formation and underground water movement in and around Loni Dr.S.D.Doke
8 Replacement of coarse aggregate by waste glass chips Prof.Kapase .N.A
9 Adsorption studies on removal of impurities from wastewater by prepared activated carbon Prof,R.P.Amale
10 Use of Plastic Fly ash bricks instead of clay bricks Prof.V.M.Natraj
11 Ultra-Disto -Using ultrasonic sensor to develop apparatus for measurement linear distance Prof.A.B.Aher
12 Use of Corrosion Inhibitors for Corrosion Control Prof.V.M.Natraj

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