Department is well equipped with state of art laboratories. Total cost of equipments: Rs 8661389 Name of Laboratory Laboratory Incharge
1 Engineering Mechanics Prof Lahamge L.K
2 Geotechnical Engineering Prof Gholap V.D
3 Environmental Engineering Prof Lamkhade R.K
4 Surveying and Leveling Prof Aher A.B
5 Engineering Geology Prof Dokhe S.D
6 Transportation Engineering Prof Mrs.Darandale J.R
7 Strength of Materials Prof Dhamak Y.N
8 Concrete Technology Prof Rathi V.R
9 Fluid Mechanics Prof Natraj V.M
10 Computer Center Prof Kapse N.A
11 Structural Dynamics Prof Rathi V.R

Major equipments:

  • Universal Testing Machine -100 T Capacity, Stress-Strain & Servo control
  • Rapid chloride penetration test Apparatus
  • Cement Testing Laboratory --As per I.S-383 Standards
  • Accelerated curing tank --- to test concrete at 10 0C to 100 oC
  • Loading frame--- under construction
  • Total Station
  • Digital Planimeter
  • Wind Tunnel

UV Spectrophotometer

  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
  • Marshall Stability & Bitumen extraction equipment.

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