B.E. Projects
Sr. No. Project Title Name of Guide
1 A Privacy preserving location proof system using WORAL framework Prof. Kharde M. R.
2 Key Aggregation based cryptosystem for data sharing in cloud Prof. Rakshe D. S.
3 User identity verification for secure interactive login session Prof. Vikhe P. B.
4 Swift approach to upward directed NFC in education system Prof. Nirmal M. D.
5 An Event based campus navigation system using smart phone Prof. Tamhane K. D.
6 Road traffic congestion control for smart cities Prof. Thosar S. D.
7 Implementation of steganography using synthesize texture images Prof. Thakur P. S.
8 Effective market analysis based on market behaviors for agricultural products to improve farmers profitability Prof. Hase A. K.
9 Accurate blood pressure monitoring system by capturing and analyzing the data over the wireless network Prof. Hase A. K.
10 Implementation of online voting system facial recognition on android Prof. Ghule S. J.
11 Efficient spatial information search using best keyword Prof. Pathak K. R.
12 A shoulder surfing resistant graphical authentication system using passmatrix Prof. Nirmal S. S.
13 Digital Restaurant menu card and food ordering system using smartphone Prof. Vikhe P. B.
14 Improved data reliability in cloud using secure De-duplication system Prof. Shaikh U. F.
15 System security using 4 layer authentication techniques Prof. Vikhe B. B.
16 BO's : The cloud based aid for the blind and old Prof. Thakur P. S.
17 Designing search engine based on attribute assisted using Re-Ranking model Prof. Korde S. K.
18 Secret sharing and secure distributed access to encrypted cloud database using S-DBaaS with forward security Prof. Vikhe B. B.
19 Smart tollbooth reduction and theft vehicle detection system Prof. Nirmal M. D.
20 Online Store : E-Commerce business marketing Prof. Kulkarni V. B.

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