B.E. Projects
Group No Title of Project Name of Guide

Automatic Accident Detection And Smart Ambulance System Prof. Mhaske D. A.
2 Development Of Robotic Platform For Indoor Navigation System Using RF-ID Prof. Bibve P. S.
3 Intelligent Real time Multistage Security System Prof. Rane D. B.
4 Fingerprint And RF-ID Based Wireless Attendance Monitoring System Prof. Shaikh S. A.
5 Fingerprint Based Secure Mobile Healthcare System Prof. Rane D. B.
6 Automatic Ticket Vending Machine For Modern Transport System Prof. Kale S. R.
7 Implementation Of Intelligent Security System For Cashbox Transportation Using GSM And GPS Prof. Shaikh S. A.
8 Voice Operated Medical Dispensary Box Prof. Shah D. K.
9 Automation In Agriculture System using GSM Prof. Anap S. D.
10 Adaptive Traffic Signal Control And Detection Of Vehicle Violating The Traffic Rules Prof. Bibve P. S.
11 Solar Tracking System Using MPPT Algorithm & ARM Microcontroller Prof. Shah D. K.
12 Embedded System For Vehicle Security And Tracking Using GPS And GSM Prof. Lavhate S. S.
13 PLC Operated Automatic Multistage Car Parking Prof. Lavhate S. S.
14 Bridge Disaster Monitoring And Alert System Prof. Anap S. D.
15 Low Power Refrigeration Using Thermal See Back Effect Technology And Using AVR Microcontroller Prof. Chitte P. P.
16 Sensor Based Water Quality Analysis And Water Management System Prof.Bangal S. P.
17 IOT Based Vehicle Emission Monitoring System Prof.Bangal S. P.
18 Power Factor Improvement Using Thyristor Switched Capacitor Using Microcontroller Prof. Kale S. R.
19 ARM Based Distributed Electricity Monitoring And Control Using GSM Prof. Chitte P. P.
20 Smart Library System Using RF Id & Zigbee Module Prof. Mhaske D. A,

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