B.E. Projects
Sr.No. Title Guide
1 Production of cooling effect by using waste heat Prof S B Belkar
2 Refrigerent Recovery Device Prof S B Belkar
3 Magnetic propulsion engine Prof S B Belkar
4 Automatic road divider shrub leaf Cutting Machine Prof M B Parjane
5 Small Scale grain harvester stem cutter Prof M B Parjane
6 Design & Fabrication of Multipurpose See saw Machne Prof M S Mhaske
7 Stair Climbing & Foldable cart Prof M S Mhaske
8 Power generation by rack & pinion mechanism Prof P R Nale
9 Magneto Rheological braking system Prof P R Nale
10 Hydraulic-pnuematic braking system Prof S R Nimbalkar Prof S R Nimbalkar
11 Orbital riveting head machine Prof S R Nimbalkar
12 Electo-pnuematic punching machine Prof S R Chaudhari
13 Multiway Power hacksaw Machine Prof D S Pawar
14 Optimization of impeller of centrifugal compressor using CFD software Prof D S Pawar
15 Flower Knotting Machine Prof Ms P M Karandikar
16 Electricity Generation & bottle crushing by using swing Prof R L Kadu
17 Solar Oven Prof P D Kabudke
18 Performance emission analysis of oxy-acetylene gas as alternate fuel for SI engine Prof P D Kabudke
19 Design & Fabrication of automatic Ginjer/turmeric Plantation Machine Prof R A Parkhe
20 Cycle operated Pesticides sprayer pump Prof A D Dighe
21 Treadmill Bicycle Prof A D Dighe
22 Self Assisted Solar Operated wheel chair Prof V VDighe
23 Hole digger mechanism for fertiliser feeding Prof V VDighe
24 Smart Fuel Metering System Wastage Cleaning Machine Prof S B HaseProf S B Hase
25 Multiutility Farming Equipment Prof V J Kotwade
26 Rice Planting Machine Prof V J Kotwade
27 Portable Body walker Prof S P Rahane
28 Self InflatingTyres Prof R S Ostwal Prof R S Ostwal
29 Railway Platform Gap Filler Prof R S Ostwal
30 Design & Fabrication & Testing of Mulching paper layer Machne  
31 Design & Fabrication of pnuematically operated automatic metallic can crusher Prof Ms S V Shelke
32 Convert kinetic energy power into electricity Prof J H Jadhwar
33 Energy Producing self sustainable Gym Machine Prof. O V Bichkar
34 Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Prof M B Gulve
35 pedal operated household machine Prof A S Gondchawar
36 Modification & Fabrication of 3-axis trailor Prof S SRudrawar
37 Pnuematic sheet metal cutting machine Prof R V Deshmukh
38 Mobile Solar Operated Caw Feeder Prof S B Bane

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